Writing the College Essay – You’re Not in High School Anymore

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In high school, writing an essay for English class was a process. And every step of the way, there was essay help from the teacher or tutor. You chose a topic with help from the teacher; you crafted an outline with help from your teacher; you wrote a rough draft and turned it in. The teacher then corrected that and returned it to you so that you could fix the problems and turn the final draft in for a grade. Nice, huh?

The Rude Awakening of College Essay Writing

Once you land in that freshman English comp class, things take a major turn. You are expected to produce high-quality essays, and the only college essay help you may get is from the writing lab, if you are having problems. These labs can be very helpful, but no one is going to walk you through writing an essay the way your high school teacher or tutor did. You’re on your own.

The Basics of College Essay Writing

The process of writing an essay does not change from high school to college. But here is what you will face that is different:

  1. Topic Selection

In high school, topics could be rather simple. You could choose to write an essay on Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, for example. It would be factual and to the point, and the information can be found in an encyclopedia. That same topic in college will not fly. The topic must be far deeper, even if you choose the Emancipation Proclamation.

A possible topic for a college essay on the Emancipation Proclamation might be How the Confederacy Responded to the Emancipation Proclamation. You will then have to conduct some research, usually from original sources, that will give you the information you need to write a scholarly piece.

Choosing a topic can be tough. If you are at a loss, look for some essay help online. There are some good sources for college essay topics, categorized by subject field, and you can get some good ideas.

  1. The Research

Yes, even for most basic essays, research will be required. In college, you may not have an opinion or state facts unless they are backed up by research information/data of experts in the field. If you say that hunger is a problem in America, then you had better have some data that backs it up and cite the sources of that data. This is a big switch from high school where you could get away with broad sweeping statements and no sources to back them up.

If you are struggling to find college-appropriate resources that a professor will consider suitable, then you may want to get in touch with a genuine essay writing service. They will have pros in each content field who can locate resources and even conduct that research for you.

  1. Getting Organized for Writing

In high school, you probably learned how to craft an outline for an essay. If you learned this process well, you should not have too much difficulty. There are other graphic organizers too, such as Venn diagrams for a comparison-contrast essay, or columns of pros and cons for an argumentative essay. Do a little digging and learn about these types of organizers. They may ease this step for you.

  1. That Rough Draft – the Operative Word is “Rough”

Never ever think that you can whip out an essay and just turn it in – this is the fastest way to a zero grade. Your rough draft is just your first attempt, and it will be filled with structural awkwardness, poor transitions, and even sentence problems. You have much more to do before it is submission-ready.

  1. Editing and Revising the Rough Draft

Remember, your college instructors have higher expectations. Your piece has to be scholarly, formatted correctly, and be logically and coherently structured. And don’t think that just because it is an essay for biology that grammar and punctuation won’t matter. They will.

If you know that your writing skills are not up to expectation yet, then get the best essay help you can. Not only will you get a top notch final draft, but you will also learn a great deal from seeing how a real pro crafts a winning essay.

A Few Words About Getting the Help You Need

  1. Don’t be embarrassed about needing help. How many politicians write their own speeches? How many celebrities write their own memoirs? You need to find the best essay writing service for your needs and get help while you improve your own writing skills.
  2. Your need for help may vary depending upon the type of essay assignment you are given and the subject field. If you only need help with a “killer” title and introduction, for example, then find the best writing service that has a department of creative writers – one of them can take your work and give it that extra creative touch to impress your instructor.
  3. What is the best essay writing service? It is one that can meet whatever need you have, from topic selection through the finished product. You’re at one of those services right now.

Basic Rules of College Essay Writing

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After a few years of college, you start to get familiar with the demands of higher education, the short deadlines that follow and sometimes with paper writing services. Even though you may have learned already how a research paper should look like and that an essay is based or argumentative claims, do you also know how to remain impersonal in your written assignments? Best essay writing services online like http://bestessay.education/essay-writing-services know that this is important whenever you’re completing academic assignments.

Let’s leave aside reflective essays where the rules can change a bit and concentrate on the standard essays that rely on evidence, references, and citations. Spoken language differentiates from written language, and many students find it difficult to complete their assignments and so, the appeal to writing services. Here’s what you should pay attention to when writing a paper.

  1. Avoid the use of “I”

The general rule of academic writing is that you shouldn’t use “I”, “my” or “we”. For example, instead of saying “I have to write my paper,” change it to “This paper is about…”. Remove yourself from the sentence by changing the subject.

Using an impersonal tone means that you can’t be a part of the process, even if, in fact, you are the one that writes the essay.

If you are writing a research paper, and you and your colleagues have come across a discovery, state it by switching “we have discovered” with “the results show.”

  1. Use “one”

Also, another way of referring to your own opinion is by switching “I consider…” to “one considers…”. It is not relevant “who” got to a conclusion. Learning to read between the lines will also give you some clarity, besides the ability to realize that you don’t have to be an active part of the thesis.

“One” can be used to replace yourself, or another person. Keep in mind that if you are, in fact, referring to a specialist in the field, you should use his/her name, and not appeal to the use of “one.” If you’re still not confident enough in your skills, appeal to writing services and use them as an example.

  1. An impersonal “it”

Whenever you get stuck and don’t know how to formulate a phrase, begin it with a simple “it.” For example, “It can be argued that…” will make your reader adopt a general point of view, instead of forcing him/her to take your own side.

Using “I” it’s not recommended due to being a personal pronoun, but also because it sends the message that you have accomplished or that you got to a conclusion, which changes the point of interest, from your research to yourself.

  1. Appeal to passive voice

Another way of avoiding the use of “you” or “I” is by switching up the words. The passive voice is an excellent solution to express your thoughts without actually revealing that they are yours.

Rephrase “I came with this idea” to “This idea came when…”. You’ll state exactly the same thing, but without turning yourself into an active participant. Of course that it is implied who came with the idea, but the goal is to remain impersonal. Idioms are wonderful way to do so.

Academic tasks rely on concrete and credible evidence, but if you take it upon yourself to show that you were the one who wrote it, it’s sort of like saying that the facts you used were just an additional factor that helped you write the essay.

The best essay writing services online focus on the arguments, and not on personal contribution. Keep in mind that changing the way you think will also lead to an impersonal paper and possible, to a higher grade.