Going Back to School At 30: Why & Why Not

A college degree shows employers that you’re motivated, improving upon your writing and research skills, and that you’re driven to learn on (and off) the job. In turn, those who complete their studies may see:

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Going Back to College in Your 30s: 10 Reasons It Will Be Easier Than You Think

There are plenty of reasons why you might be considering going back to school to finish your bachelor’s degree. Maybe something kept you from completing your degree (or enrolling in school in the first place). Maybe you’re looking to change careers. Maybe you’re vying for a promotion, or maybe you’re hoping to be more competitive in a cutthroat job market.

While our typical idea of a college student is an 18-year-old who’s fresh out of high school, lots of adults in and beyond their 30s are returning to school to earn their degree. And for good reason! Students with a college degree have a measurably higher median salary than those with a high school diploma. Are you looking to get your bachelor’s but worried that you missed the opportunity? Don’t worry! Here are 10 reasons why earning a degree in your 30s is not just possible, but also easier than you think.

4 Reasons Why Getting Your Degree at 30 is a Great Idea

graphic describing 4 reasons why getting your degree at 30 is a great idea

One of the benefits of going back to school in your 30s is the on-the-job experience you’ve amassed over the past 12+ years. You’re at an advantage compared to students who have nothing on their résumé. Why? You’ve had time to learn what you enjoy doing, what you don’t like, what you’re good at, and where your greatest areas for improvement are.

You may want more thorough, in-depth knowledge of a subject. Or maybe there’s a particular skill missing from your professional toolbox. Whether it’s detailed focus of a general field or a very specific skill set, not having this knowledge can hold you back from growing professionally.

Or maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn (for the sake of learning). Many people choose to finish their studies for personal development alone. Always wanted to master a second language or learn more about financial planning? Go for it!

Speaking of on-the-job experience, another fabulous benefit of going back to school a bit later in life is your developed sense of direction. Oftentimes, students in their 20s are unsure about what they want to study. Or they receive a degree and later realize that working in that field is not what they thought it would be.

Good news! If you’re ready for a career change, you have an advantage over less mature college students due to your previous employment experiences. What you’ve learned on-the-job—your understanding of what you want (and don’t want)—means you’re more confident and focused on the goals ahead.

The Bottom Line

Ideally, your education should open doors to a career that will allow you to pay back any resulting student debt. Still, it’s important that you do the math to know whether it will pay in the long run to go back to school. Compare the cost of tuition and other fees with the revenue you’ll likely earn.

It’s a good idea to tell your coworkers and boss that you’re going back to school. This will show them that you have the drive to better yourself. When they know what you’re undertaking, they may be more understanding as you juggle your added responsibilities. Your employer might also be able to help out with paying some of the cost if the company has a tuition-reimbursement program.

Going back to school at 30 will show current and future employers that your brain is still active and your outlook is still expansive. At 30 — and beyond — there’s no reason not to pursue schooling that will pay dividends in the future.



Easy Ways to Improve Yourself and Your Life (Even if You re Busy)

“One of my favorite aspects of the smartphone revolution is the interconnected nature of devices,” says life coach Luke Hughes. “Using phone notes that are synced to WiFi or phone data, you can write down all your ideas under subheadings for different projects. Then, at a later date, you can return to these ideas on your laptop or permanent workstation when you have the time and motivation to research them further. This cross-pollination between devices is ideal for busy working professionals who work on several projects at once.”

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Ways to Improve Your Life in 7 Days

The only way to improve your life is to consistently make choices that will make your life better. It’s tempting to think you need to make sweeping changes in an effort to shake things up and improve everything all at once. But the reality is, it’s the little things that add up and have a huge impact on us.

If you really want to start improving your life, start with small but meaningful steps that you can build on over time. Take on new and exciting activities, but begin slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed. In no time, you’ll begin to see your life improved by taking steps that help you build knowledge, improve confidence and engage in activities that make you feel healthier and more connected to your inner self and to others.

Here are seven steps that will help open your mind, release stress and remind you of what’s really important in life. Start today, and in just seven days you’ll begin to notice the small but profound improvements to your life.

Begin learning a new skill.

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to learn, but have never made the time for? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to speak a foreign language, play an instrument, knit or use a sewing machine. You may wish you had a practical skill, like Photoshop or Excel spreadsheets, but never made the time to learn it.

Or you may consider taking up an activity you used to enjoy but gave up on, like learning how to Rollerblade or ski. Pick something that’s been gnawing at the back of your mind and come up with a plan to learn it.

Next, look for the resources you need to help you master this new skill. To learn a foreign language, there are a number of apps available for download. LinkedIn Learning offers many tutorials to help you with business, management and software tools. YouTube is another great resource, offering free tutorials on anything from learning to Rollerblade to using a sewing machine. Set aside 15-30 minutes every day to work on your new skill, and see how awesome it feels to start chipping away at this bigger goal.

Easy Ways to Improve Yourself and Your Life (Even if You’re Busy)

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But improving your life—or yourself—doesn’t have to be about making one big gesture. Instead, it typically comes down to the small things you do every day that can add up to larger growth in the long run. These small habits and practices may help you increase your confidence, reduce your stress, build deeper relationships, stabilize your work-life balance, become a healthier person (mentally, emotionally, or physically), and be happier.

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I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that you should “totally try meditation,” especially from your (newly) yoga-devoted mother. But mindfulness is a lot more realistic to achieve than the kind of meditation you hear about because it doesn’t require years of practice or a yoga mat. Mindfulness only takes 30 minutes (or less!) and can be done without leaving your desk.

One way to have a productive day—and save yourself time in the morning—is to break down every task you need to do into small steps and then schedule all of them. This means you know exactly what activity you’ll do from the moment you wake up.

Sounds a bit overwhelming, yes, but the reason it works is because you don’t waste any time trying to decide on things—spending 10 minutes picking out an outfit, spending 15 minutes deciding if you want to go on a run—you just do it. And that way, you’ll (almost) always be out of the house exactly on time.

For example, every evening I shower, make my lunch for the next day, and spend 10 or so minutes doing something that relaxes me, whether that’s scrolling through social media, reading 15 pages of a book, or talking to my parents on the phone. The consistency helps me fall asleep better and feel prepared to conquer the next day.

Especially when you’re busy or stressed, it can be hard to get your best sleep every night, even with an awesome bedtime routine. Try creating a space where you’ll always feel good going to bed by using one or more of these seven quick DIY projects.

Making your meals every day not only guarantees you have control over your health, but it’s also cheaper and a great way to learn a new skill or experiment with your cooking abilities. Plus, you get to boast to coworkers when they ask where you got the food. For some brag-worthy recipes, check out these 52 lunch ideas, or these quick office snack ideas.

Muse writer Kat Boogaard learned many valuable lessons after eating lunch away from her desk. For one thing, taking a break is just good for you. But she also realized the importance of practicing work-life balance all day, rather than just after work was over. By giving yourself that time off during office hours, you’re already one step closer to a healthier, well-balanced life.

TED Talks are like mini-lectures. They just might teach you more about yourself, inspire you to innovate, or just introduce an interesting new topic. Plus, they’re usually only about 20 minutes—so you can watch one and get a super quick knowledge boost while getting ready for work in the morning, during your lunch break, or when you’re sitting in a waiting room.

Similarly, podcasts are great on-the-go entertainment. And a lot of the time they’re just what you need to unwind. I’m a big fan of tackling one podcast during my commute each day—half of it on the way to work, half on the way back, and the stories always bring out some real emotions. (For reference, my favorites are This American Life and You’re the Expert.) But the types of podcasts out there are very nearly limitless. So whether you want to catch up on the news, learn something new, hear what people are saying about your favorite topic (whether that’s fantasy sports, The Real Housewives, historical events, or video games), experience a fascinating true story, or laugh at something more light-hearted, you can find the perfect podcast for every mood.

Freewriting is basically what the name implies: writing, freely—as in without any directions or constraints. You don’t need to be a writer to freewrite. In fact, dropping all the concerns about how your writing sounds or whether it’s grammatically correct is key. You just set a timer and start writing, maybe with a prompt or question to get you started, and see where the writing takes you. It’s a great way to discover something new about what you want or what you’re feeling. Here are five prompts to help you freewrite your way out of a career slump (plus a few tips).

Deceptively Simple Tasks That Can Actually Improve Your Life

It’s all-too-common to want to improve your life so that you’re living the best one possible. But the hard part comes in figuring out how to improve your life. While you may have massive ideas to change things up, the truth is that smaller, more sustainable actions and hacks actually help you improve your life day-to-day, which really adds up over time. These deceptively simple little tricks and habits can help you be more productive, feel happier, work more efficiently, and generally get more out of life. And for more great ways to change your life for the better, check out 50 Important Habits Linked to a Longer Life.

“Use that time to sit quietly and focus on what you want your day to look like, jot down what is most important to accomplish, and relax as you sip coffee or tea,” says Diana Fletcher, life coach and stress reduction expert. “This time you take to focus in the morning will save you hours in your day. You won’t waste time on trivial things because you have already decided what is the priority and what outcomes you want.”

Sometimes all it takes is a moment outside to make things better. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that spending just 20 minutes a day surrounded by nature increased people’s vitality levels. And Candra Canning, founder of Live Bright Now, says even just a one-minute nature break can help.

“Slow down on your way out the door in the morning, or take a moment to look at the sky while on your lunch break,” says Canning. “Science proves that your brain and body chemistry get the same benefit as if you were gazing at the Grand Canyon. Taking in the details can connect you back to yourself which will leave you relaxed and confident.”

“It allows you to walk through your day, so if you walk into the office and someone asks ‘Do you have a minute?’ you will know if you do or don’t.” Bonus: If you make a to-do list at the same time, you’ll find that this productivity hack actually helps improve your sleep as well.

Older Adult Friends at a Cafe Drinking Green Tea, healthy sex after 40


“Isolation breeds discontent,” says Raffi Bilek, a psychotherapist and director of the Baltimore Therapy Center. “You don’t have to be the life of the party; having just one or two close friends keeps you feeling connected and alive.” And, if you’re looking for a little friendship inspiration, check out these 50 Ways to Make New Friends After 50.

There’s no doubt that maintaining your relationship with close friends and family is important. However, a landmark 1973 study published in the American Journal of Sociology showed that “weak ties,” or people who are more acquaintance-level connections, are the ones who can actually help you out the most in terms of developing new contacts, improving career prospects, and generally meeting new people. Each week, set a goal to get in touch with one person you haven’t talked to in a while, and you’ll find your personal and professional networks growing faster than ever before. And for more ways to connect with old friends, check out 60 Funniest One-Liners That Will Leave Your Friends Laughing.

black mother, father, and two little girls raking leaves into green wheelbarrow on a fall day


If you always wish you could spend more time with your family, this one’s for you. “Family is all about focus,” says Arman Sadeghi, business coach and founder of Titanium Success. “For most of us, family is the most important thing. However, most of us simply don’t schedule enough time with our family, so that time is what always gets squeezed out. Instead of allowing that to happen, actually schedule the time with family, including scheduling date night with your spouse or an evening with the kids.” And if you’re looking for a little family fun, check out these 12 Fun Family Games Everyone Will Get a Kick Out of Playing.

Instead of spreading out conference calls throughout the day, book them all in quick succession. “It takes as much time to make one phone call as five,” Carson says. “It’s a flow.” Plus, if you have another call lined up afterwards, you’ll have a reason to keep each call to its designated amount of time rather than letting it take up more of your day than necessary. And for more on managing your communication flow, check out The Secret to Better Communication With Your Partner, According to a Relationship Expert.

“During morning hours, cortisol acts as your energy hormone and your focus and concentration are better than any other time of day,” says Debra Atkinson, a productivity, fitness, and wellness coach with Flipping Fifty. So, use biology to your advantage and leave more mundane tasks for later in the day. And if you’re not a morning person but would like to be, check out these 20 Better Sleep Essentials That’ll Have You Waking Up Well-Rested Every Morning.



5 Ways How You Can Raise Money by Writing

Are you willing to become a professional writer? If yes, this is the right post that you need to read and know how your writing skills can help you earn more money. It is crucial to note that we have many writers who earn an income with the help of their writing skills. Note that there are plenty of ways to get paid for your writing. First, you need to ensure that you understand how this works before you invest in it. Ensure that you know how to write different types of papers that will enable you to make more money.

It is vital to understand that writing for a living provides a ton of merits. First, you decide or choose where and when you work. In other words, with this kind of task, you are your manager. You manage your work according to your lifestyle. That is why this personal and creative freedom has attracted many people. If you want to make more money online, you should learn how to start this process and how you will expand your work with time. Therefore, you should begin by researching the useful writing tips that you need to have for you to become a professional writer.

When you are a beginner, have someone experienced in this industry who will guide you in this process. Most of the professional writers do not succeed commercially. With their hard work and game plan, they reach in this process. Also, there are many writing strategies that you need to adapt for you to become an experienced writer and enhance your writing skills.

Thankfully, technology has helped to open up a whole new world, especially when it comes to working online. If you are a college student, this is one of the best opportunities you have to make money for your personal use. Utilizing writing skills will end up expanding your budget, and this might help you to pay off your student loan before you even graduate from college. Here is how you can make extra money with your writing skills.

Content Creation

When you are a writer, you are a content creator. In simpler terms, you can easily make a consistent monthly income with content creation. Ideally, we have various platforms out there that need quality content from professional writers. Therefore, you can use this opportunity and ensure that you get the right platform that delivers quality services as per your needs. For instance, you can use essay service to learn how you can produce quality essays for your work. If you want to specialize in essay writing, this is the right site that you should try out.


Starting a successful blog is another one of the best ways you can easily make more money. When we are talking about blogging, you will realize that it will take a bit of content creation. You need to produce enough articles that you will post and publish on your site. However, when you want to start blogging, there are many things that you need to know.

When you want to learn more about blogging, you should research how to start a blog and know other essential factors that you need to consider in this section or process. Make sure that you know how to insert images and hyperlinks on your site. With enough blogging information, you will end up having a website that will help you to earn enough money.

Become A Copywriter

When you are a writer, there are various types of writing that you can consider choosing. Becoming a copywriter is one of the easiest ways you can earn extra money. Most of the professional content writers can also become copywriters and make loads of money. Most experienced writers who have been writing for content sites, they can also become copywriters for the next years. Therefore, ensure that you get the right websites or platforms that are looking for copywriters.

Self-Publish Your Book

When you emphasize on online writing, many things will help you to make extra money. First, you can decide to self-publish your book. If you aim to have your paper, you can do this with the help of your writing skills. However, if you feel that you need to learn various tips that will help you in enhancing your writing skills, you can search for people who do my homework for money to know the type of essays most writing sites publish. It will help you to have a good book.

If you want your book to be read by students, then it is crucial to ensure that you visit such sites. Since most students use them to complete their homework, it will be easier to know what to include in your book. Therefore, ensure that you use such sites to produce your book.

Virtual Assistant

We have various organizations and companies that have trouble conveying what they exactly mean in their messages. In most cases, this scenario leads to meetings where nothing profitable is done. That is why most managers have virtual assistants that can help schedule meetings and send emails. When you are in college, you can also get homework based on virtual assistants. The role of homework is to help you understand more about this work if you are pursuing a course related to this field. Know that these positions are competitive, and you need to have an internship experience for you to apply.


Ideally, there are various things that you can do with your writing skills to earn more money. Make sure that you learn these strategies before you make your final choice. They will help you to make more money online.

Most Popular Mobile Messengers in the USA

Mobile messaging has increased significantly over the past years, and this has opened up an excellent opportunity for digital mobile marketing and mobile communication. Today, many folks in the USA use mobile to communicate with their family and friends, but the selection of mobile messengers is different across the board. From Facebook Messenger to Viber, different folks use different communication applications, and the choice of these applications and messengers mainly depends on one’s preferences and choices.

There are those individuals who have a great liking for Telegram, and those who prefer Google Hangouts to reach out to other people. All in all, the baseline here is that mobile communication is dominant across the USA, and this is a boon for the digital marketing industry.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the messaging platform and application for Facebook, a social network that has over 2 billion active users monthly across the globe. Facebook Messenger is a standalone application, and many people prefer it because it is an efficient way of communication. It has over 100 million users in the USA, making it the most popular mobile messenger regarding usage and adoption.

Unlike other mobile messengers that rely on talk time or mobile airtime, Facebook Messenger relies on Data and an internet connection to transmit messages. Digital marketers out there are taking advantage of Facebook Messenger to promote their products and services since this messaging platform allows for seamless sharing of content across a vast populace.


Like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat is an application that allows multimedia messaging over the internet. With a population of 53.28 million people using Snapchat in the USA, the messaging platform is only rivaled by Facebook Messenger but still tops in popularity in the mobile messaging area.

Snapchat allows users to talk with friends and have a glimpse into what is happening around the globe. Other people use Snapchat to get news on unfolding events and happenings in their areas and across the world – thanks to the ability to share photos with other people with just a reliable internet connection and a smartphone. Digital marketing has not been left out on this front, and many marketers out there are leveraging on the platform to advertise and promote their brands, products, and services to people.


WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which is the same company that is behind Facebook Messenger. Though WhatsApp is available on the web, most individuals prefer using it on their mobile devices, and a good number of individuals in the USA are using WhatsApp on their mobile devices. WhatsApp boasts a 19.27 million user strong audience across the USA, and this number is only set to get better in the years to come.

With regards to marketing, the ability of individuals to share text, images, videos, documents via the platform even makes it more convenient for marketers to extend their media content strategies to the platform. Over and above, digital marketers are using the platform maximally to promote their products, since multimedia messages can go viral very fast on the platform.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is Google’s communication platform that allows for Voice over IP, messaging, Short Message Service and Video chat. Google Hangouts enriches its communication experience by enabling users to embed photos and emojis when communicating, as well as forming groups for video calls. Group conversations are also possible, and with the usage of 14.35 million people, the platform is a credible force worth to be reckoned with in the mobile messaging space.

What’s more, Google Hangouts has invested robust infrastructure in video conferencing and live streams, and this is an opportunity that marketers can leverage on to get the word out about their products and services.

In summary, mobile messaging has gained traction in the recent past, thanks to the broad adoption of the smartphone, and the ease of accessing the internet. This is equally a boon for the marketing community since marketers can harness these applications and platforms to advance their marketing strategies.

Turning Into An Entrepreneur During Your College Studies

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Have you ever noticed just how many university graduates opt for getting entrepreneurs only right after they complete school? Well, there exists a different viewpoint here: it’s far more advised to begin getting good results in the course of college than soon after (plus, it’ll earn you early income). For those who get worried that you’ll fall behind on your projects for that reason, it’s alright – you could search up for the best composition writing services that you could use. They’ll offer you a fix, making you spare time to be able to manage your small business.

Steps to Turning into an Entrepreneur

Each businessperson starts off small. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates – you think that these people began earning huge amounts of dollars immediately? Absolutely no, these people were college students exactly like you once they became entrepreneurs inside the tech business. These people didn’t actually graduate, and these people had been still successful (though most of us don’t recommend you to drop out as well). These productive entrepreneurs advice that most of us consume a clear and arranged program in case we all wish to grow to be our own bosses. Listed here are the actual actions one has to take:

  1. Review your targets, information and business knowledge.
  2. Just think of an organization idea that you’d just like.
  3. Understand who your competition will be (and become prepared to destroy these people).
  4. Make a perfect business strategy plan.
  5. Choose a mentor (any teacher, for example).
  6. Register, place the banner upward and let the company rock.

Seek out recommendations concerning how and where you need to register, establishing yourself on the road to achievements.

Reasons Why You Must Become a Student Business owner

A lot of argue that college isn’t the proper time to start a small business, however, we’ve got a various view. There’s no much better time and energy to open an enterprise than during school – and here’s why:

  • You have a lot of sources: Consider the idea – you’re surrounded by pros who have knowledge in abundance in your own sector of choice. They will answer each and every problem you might have.
  • Existent network and also help: Organizations, university student bodies, close friends of classmates that could recommend your small business on their relatives; there is a built-in networking system which can help you make your business acknowledged.
  • You are eligible to get selfish: Life is not just about getting tests as well as switching papers in. You need to earn your living, and get completely ready for that “real world.” Your own responsibility is not to impress your instructors – it’s to impress yourself. You can be self-centered and hang your personal life very first.
  • It will supply you a good image: Pupils will almost always be faced with stereotypes: all are lazy party animals that have no idea just how to be hard workers. Well, in case you become a business person during your college student years, you may prove that you aren’t like other students, and you’re very driven in your life. This is just what might help build your business recognized.

Probably the most significant things of being an entrepreneur are never to give up and also not to be afraid of failing. Utilize all your resources and also keep trying until you triumph!

Writing the College Essay – You’re Not in High School Anymore

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In high school, writing an essay for English class was a process. And every step of the way, there was essay help from the teacher or tutor. You chose a topic with help from the teacher; you crafted an outline with help from your teacher; you wrote a rough draft and turned it in. The teacher then corrected that and returned it to you so that you could fix the problems and turn the final draft in for a grade. Nice, huh?

The Rude Awakening of College Essay Writing

Once you land in that freshman English comp class, things take a major turn. You are expected to produce high-quality essays, and the only college essay help you may get is from the writing lab, if you are having problems. These labs can be very helpful, but no one is going to walk you through writing an essay the way your high school teacher or tutor did. You’re on your own.

The Basics of College Essay Writing

The process of writing an essay does not change from high school to college. But here is what you will face that is different:

  1. Topic Selection

In high school, topics could be rather simple. You could choose to write an essay on Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, for example. It would be factual and to the point, and the information can be found in an encyclopedia. That same topic in college will not fly. The topic must be far deeper, even if you choose the Emancipation Proclamation.

A possible topic for a college essay on the Emancipation Proclamation might be How the Confederacy Responded to the Emancipation Proclamation. You will then have to conduct some research, usually from original sources, that will give you the information you need to write a scholarly piece.

Choosing a topic can be tough. If you are at a loss, look for some essay help online. There are some good sources for college essay topics, categorized by subject field, and you can get some good ideas.

  1. The Research

Yes, even for most basic essays, research will be required. In college, you may not have an opinion or state facts unless they are backed up by research information/data of experts in the field. If you say that hunger is a problem in America, then you had better have some data that backs it up and cite the sources of that data. This is a big switch from high school where you could get away with broad sweeping statements and no sources to back them up.

If you are struggling to find college-appropriate resources that a professor will consider suitable, then you may want to get in touch with a genuine essay writing service. They will have pros in each content field who can locate resources and even conduct that research for you.

  1. Getting Organized for Writing

In high school, you probably learned how to craft an outline for an essay. If you learned this process well, you should not have too much difficulty. There are other graphic organizers too, such as Venn diagrams for a comparison-contrast essay, or columns of pros and cons for an argumentative essay. Do a little digging and learn about these types of organizers. They may ease this step for you.

  1. That Rough Draft – the Operative Word is “Rough”

Never ever think that you can whip out an essay and just turn it in – this is the fastest way to a zero grade. Your rough draft is just your first attempt, and it will be filled with structural awkwardness, poor transitions, and even sentence problems. You have much more to do before it is submission-ready.

  1. Editing and Revising the Rough Draft

Remember, your college instructors have higher expectations. Your piece has to be scholarly, formatted correctly, and be logically and coherently structured. And don’t think that just because it is an essay for biology that grammar and punctuation won’t matter. They will.

If you know that your writing skills are not up to expectation yet, then get the best essays help you can. Not only will you get a top notch final draft, but you will also learn a great deal from seeing how a real pro crafts a winning essay.

A Few Words About Getting the Help You Need

  1. Don’t be embarrassed about needing help. How many politicians write their own speeches? How many celebrities write their own memoirs? You need to find the best essay writing service for your needs and get help while you improve your own writing skills.
  2. Your need for help may vary depending upon the type of essay assignment you are given and the subject field. If you only need help with a “killer” title and introduction, for example, then find the best writing service that has a department of creative writers – one of them can take your work and give it that extra creative touch to impress your instructor.
  3. What is the best essay writing service? It is one that can meet whatever need you have, from topic selection through the finished product. You’re at one of those services right now.

Basic Rules of College Essay Writing

best essay writing service

After a few years of college, you start to get familiar with the demands of higher education, the short deadlines that follow and sometimes with paper writing services. Even though you may have learned already how a research paper should look like and that an essay is based or argumentative claims, do you also know how to remain impersonal in your written assignments? Best essays writing services online know that this is important whenever you’re completing academic assignments.

Let’s leave aside reflective essays where the rules can change a bit and concentrate on the standard essays that rely on evidence, references, and citations. Spoken language differentiates from written language, and many students find it difficult to complete their assignments and so, the appeal to writing services. Here’s what you should pay attention to when writing a paper.

  1. Avoid the use of “I”

The general rule of academic writing is that you shouldn’t use “I”, “my” or “we”. For example, instead of saying “I have to write my paper,” change it to “This paper is about…”. Remove yourself from the sentence by changing the subject.

Using an impersonal tone means that you can’t be a part of the process, even if, in fact, you are the one that writes the essay.

If you are writing a research paper, and you and your colleagues have come across a discovery, state it by switching “we have discovered” with “the results show.”

  1. Use “one”

Also, another way of referring to your own opinion is by switching “I consider…” to “one considers…”. It is not relevant “who” got to a conclusion. Learning to read between the lines will also give you some clarity, besides the ability to realize that you don’t have to be an active part of the thesis.

“One” can be used to replace yourself, or another person. Keep in mind that if you are, in fact, referring to a specialist in the field, you should use his/her name, and not appeal to the use of “one.” If you’re still not confident enough in your skills, appeal to writing services and use them as an example.

  1. An impersonal “it”

Whenever you get stuck and don’t know how to formulate a phrase, begin it with a simple “it.” For example, “It can be argued that…” will make your reader adopt a general point of view, instead of forcing him/her to take your own side.

Using “I” it’s not recommended due to being a personal pronoun, but also because it sends the message that you have accomplished or that you got to a conclusion, which changes the point of interest, from your research to yourself.

  1. Appeal to passive voice

Another way of avoiding the use of “you” or “I” is by switching up the words. The passive voice is an excellent solution to express your thoughts without actually revealing that they are yours.

Rephrase “I came with this idea” to “This idea came when…”. You’ll state exactly the same thing, but without turning yourself into an active participant. Of course that it is implied who came with the idea, but the goal is to remain impersonal. Idioms are wonderful way to do so.

Academic tasks rely on concrete and credible evidence, but if you take it upon yourself to show that you were the one who wrote it, it’s sort of like saying that the facts you used were just an additional factor that helped you write the essay.

The best essay writing services online focus on the arguments, and not on personal contribution. Keep in mind that changing the way you think will also lead to an impersonal paper and possible, to a higher grade.

How to Write a Well-Researched Career Essay


A career essay can be a research piece about a career that you are interested in or a short composition about a certain job for which you are training and studying. When you create such an essay, keep the specificity to the topic and make sure you include valuable information about job opportunities, potential for growth and benefits.

Such an essay is required by many graduate and undergraduate programs, and even colleges might require one along with your student’s application. This way they will know what your aspirations are.

Through your paper you should prove that you have a general understanding of the career’s requirements. An outline will help you get your ideas organized, and you will make sure you cover all the aspects of the career you are researching. Include details such as skills needed for this job, educational requirements, specific details about the job and background requirements.

Do not solely focus on the steps that are necessary to acquire the job. You can also talk about how to do this specific job and what you will have to do if you get it.


Before writing your essay, you will have to do some research. Ask people working in that field to give you accurate information about the job. Prepare some questions to ask them, in order to make sure that you do not forget anything.

A career essay has the same format as any other essay: an introduction, 3-4 paragraphs to support your ideas and a conclusion. If you need this paper for a class assignment, ask the teacher if he/she prefers a specific format. Some teachers are quite particular about this aspect.


You do not have to give detailed biographical information about yourself. Write only the parts that relate to the career which you have chosen to write the essay about. This first paragraph should include the main reason you have showed interest in this particular career. You should also mention the knowledge you possess and unique skills that make you fit for this job.

The body

The body includes three or four paragraphs, each 5-6 sentences long. Their purpose is to emphasize the main points of the essay, such as the responsibilities and duties of this career, the potential for growth and advancement, its importance to society, etc.


The conclusion should give the reader a strong impression about your career intentions. Mention how you plan to achieve your goal and also your plan for the next 10 and 20 years. The conclusion should not have more than two paragraphs. Make the job sound interesting, fun and appealing. Be careful not to go to the other extreme and make the reader think about the job as one big party.

The purpose of this paper is to contain information that is credible. Include also the negative aspects of the career as well. This will give the impression that you are realistic in your plans and that you know what you are getting into as a future employee.

Proofread the essay several times. Make sure that there is no spelling or grammar mistake and that it is easy to read and understand. Ask a family member or a friend to read it too to check for clarity and tell you if there are any parts that need improvement. Stay true to yourself and write only the things that you are sure about. If someone would ask you a question related to your essay, would you answer with ease? Do not add words and expressions just because they sound good or because you think that this is what people want to read.