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Emory University features the Goizueta Business School bachelor’s degree in business administration; wherein, 95% of students accept job offers within 3 months of graduating. The university offers some unique majors and minors unavailable at most schools such as arts management, health innovation, film and media management, and theater and business. Graduate students can select from various MBA programs, master’s degrees, executive education programs, and a PhD in business.

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Like our students, we can’t help but want more. We see higher education full of opportunities for both exploration and expansion. Which is why we offer a multitude of programs for students and professionals from all walks and stages of life.

The Bachelor in Business Administration is an innovative, international program that will help you develop the necessary business acumen to pursue a successful career as an entrepreneur, or in a multinational organization.

This program prepares you to understand and analyze data, extracting relevant insights that will positively impact companies and businesses. Guided by experts in the Business and Data fields and using the latest tech, you will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of management and strong analytical skills.

The Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations offers a comprehensive look at international affairs and business. Students explore political, economic and social systems to understand how these areas interact with the world of business.

The Dual Degree in Business Administration & Law is a challenging program that prepares students to deeply comprehend the relation between business and law. This program will prepare students to understand and experience the international business from both a management and legal perspective.

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Stanford University aims to produce principled leaders with the ability to adapt in innovative ways in order to change the world through better business graduates. The MBA programs are available for entrepreneurs, mid-career professionals, and more experienced leaders alike. Program participants can also choose from non-degree and certificate programs, executive education programs, and a PhD in business. Programs are available online and in-person, as well as being offered as part-time and full-time.

Harvard University has a 10-week undergraduate program for those who have an interest in business. This program introduces students to various business topics, including social media and business strategy. Students can also choose to pursue an MBA upon completion of an undergraduate degree. MBA joint degrees are available with a variety of pairings such as public policy or MD/JD. At Harvard, it’s also possible to pursue online certificate courses, executive education programs, and PhD or DBA degrees.

The 50 Best Online Business Schools

Ranking Methodology

1. Indiana University-Bloomington

The Kelley School of Business, one of the top online business schools, provides students an innovative curriculum built on personal development, teamwork and experiential learning with an emphasis on global and social responsibility.

2. Arizona State University-Tempe

The W. P. Carey School of Business, one of the largest business schools in the United States, has more than 15,000 students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. As one of the best online business schools, the W. P. Carey School of Business faculty ranks among the best in the world for research productivity, consistently in the top 30 worldwide in the University of Texas at Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings. Online business degree programs:

3. Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

  • Accounting Bachelor of Science
  • Accounting Master’s Degree
  • Agribusiness Management Bachelor of Science
  • Business Bachelor of Science
  • Business Administration Associate in Science
  • Business Administration – MBA
  • Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Master of Professional Studies
  • Data Analytics Master of Professional Studies
  • Data Analytics – Business Analytics Option Master of Professional Studies
  • Data Analytics – Marketing Analytics Option Master of Professional Studies
  • Economics Bachelor of Science
  • Economics Bachelor of Arts
  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation Master of Professional Studies
  • Finance Bachelor of Science
  • Finance Master of Finance
  • Human Resources and Employment Relations Master of Professional Studies
  • Labor and Employment Relations Bachelor of Arts
  • Labor and Employment Relations Associate in Science
  • Labor and Employment Relations Bachelor of Science
  • Marketing Bachelor of Science
  • Organization Development and Change Master of Professional Studies
  • Organizational Leadership Bachelor of Science
  • Organizational Leadership Bachelor of Arts
  • Project Management Master’s Degree
  • Public Administration Master of Public Administration
  • Supply Chain Management Master of Professional Studies

4. The University of Texas at Dallas

The Naveen Jindal School of Management, one of the best online business schools, provides over 30 degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The School has over 8,500 students and more than 300 faculty members. Naveen Jindal School of Management online business degree programs:

5. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

The Isenberg School of Management, one of the best online business schools, provides undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. The school has alumni in 72 countries. Students can obtain a degree on-campus, online, or via a blended format which allows students to combine on-campus and online courses. Isenberg School of Management faculty members have nationally recognized strengths in areas such as financial risk analysis, organization theory, alternative investments, operations and quality management, hospitality management, sport marketing, financial and behavioral accounting, business leadership, entrepreneurship, and in other areas. Isenberg School of Management online business degrees:

6. Northeastern University

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business, one of the top online business schools, has over 200 faculty members and serves more than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The D’Amore-McKim School of Business has faculty members organized in main academic areas: Accounting; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Finance; International Business and Strategy, Management and Organizational Development; Marketing; and Supply Chain and Information Management. Online business degrees:

7. The University of Alabama

8. University of Arizona

The Eller College of Management, one of the best online business schools, has close connections to the technology sector. The College provides an array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Eller College of Management online business degrees:

9. University of Miami

The University of Miami Business School serves as a leader in preparing individuals and organizations to perform in the world of international business. The University of Miami Business School features areas of excellence: Entrepreneurship programs, Health Sector Management and Policy, and Real Estate programs. The School provides undergraduate, master, doctoral, and executive education programs. Online Business Degree Programs:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some online business degrees?

Online business students can select from an array of online graduate business degree programs such as business analytics, global finance, business administration, management information systems, healthcare management, global supply chain management, sports administration, information technology and management, marketing, strategic management, and more. Students attending an online business school can choose from a variety of online undergraduate business programs such as management, accounting, business administration, management information systems, healthcare administration, marketing, human resource management, and more.

Why get a business degree?

The formal business training provides students technical business skills to complement their practical experience. Online business colleges provide graduates a formal framework they can utilize for decision making. Business school graduates gain a basis of knowledge which can help them adapt to a changing marketplace, perform cost and benefit analysis, perform advanced risk assessments, and comprehend and utilize best management practice.

Are online business degrees synchronous or asynchronous?

Synchronous online classes occur on set schedules and timeframes. Students and their instructor meet online at the same time; lectures, discussions, and presentations occur at specific hours. Synchronous business classes provide online students the opportunity to participate in the class. Asynchronous courses allow students to take online classes on their schedule and complete their work on their own time. However, some of the asynchronous courses require online students to adhere to a given a timeframe, often a one-week window, during which online students need to connect to their class at least once or twice. Students can access the materials, lectures, assignments and tests at any time. Students can contribute to the class at their convenience.

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