“Learning Is My Passion!  Teaching Gives Me Joy!”

If I had to create a personal tagline that would be it. Learning about something new energizes me and propels me to new personal levels.  Teaching what I learn gives me great personal satisfaction and a chance to PAY IT FORWARD each and every day.  It is also what has brought me to Internet Business.

Not unlike the majority of people out there I started in Internet Business with very little knowledge of what it was or how it worked. What I did know was there were a handful of people (many more now) who were making a very good living doing it. I also knew that they were doing it without working 40-50 hours a week and without sacrificing their family, personal goals, or lifestyle. In fact, running a successful Internet Business afforded them that golden ring we all seek – MORE FREE TIME!

So, I began my investigation into Internet Business. It started over three years ago and it has taken me down many paths. Some were amazingly helpful while others soon proved to be a complete waste of time and/or money. What I did learn, more than anything else, is that there was very limited information out there for Internet Business Beginners or Newbies. When I did find information, I always felt as if I was coming into a movie 30 minutes late. I didn’t understand their methods and everyone seemed to speak a foreign language. Just searching to understand common phrases they were using took loads of time. Too often I felt lost or frustrated.

Luckily, I persevered and soon began uncovering many little, hidden gardens. As I learned the terminology I would uncover even more. What seemed to be a hidden world soon became a growing universe of information. At times it is overwhelming but I have learned techniques that help me navigate through. Along my path I did realize one very apparent fact…

…learning Internet Business was both time consuming and difficult for beginners.

I was determined that if I accomplished NOTHING ELSE, I would at the very least create a place where Internet Business Newbies could go to learn the most basic concepts of Internet Business and its many pseudo names.  I also wanted Integrity to be paramount.  I will work hard to save you from wasting time and money on products and services that will bring no real value to your life or your Internet business.

I am by no means an expert.  As a matter of fact, I think that not being an Internet Business expert will be one of the reasons you may want to stay awhile and read.  I can give you the scoop from a newbie perspective with a bit of experience melded in.  One thing I now know a great deal about is what Internet Business Beginners need to save time, save money, and lower the frustration levels because I have “been there-done that!”

So here I am and here is where I hope to offer all of the Internet Business Newbies a place to get started and learn some of the basic concepts of Internet Business which I have learned along the way and present them in very easy to understand articles and tutorials along with some great links and tips.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find some of this information useful on your journey!

Ancora Imparo!